San Martin de los Andes
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Its beginnings go back to 1981 on the initiative of a group of neighbors and CO.PRO.SAN., Its primary purpose was to create in our city, a traditional festival. Gradually and over time, became a representative activity of the winter season in San Martin de los Andes and its people.
In its initial editions Party National Party took character, dramatically increasing their calendar of activities and events year after year. It's a classic that gathers crowds in Chapelco base to enjoy a great holiday.

In 1981, he started organizing Mountaineer Week, and this year there are sporting, social and cultural rights for an entire week, with competenias around the hill in the village tournaments, contest loggers and exhibitions, culminating with a important celebration for the election of the queen.

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Montanes Party could only survive the years some of the events that have yet caracterísitcos own shine and achieve awakening great interest: the White Party in Chapelco and Axemen Contest. The festival is a tribute to the man who loves the mountains and works to protect it. The date is when the last rays of sunlight illuminate the valley to see the torchlight parade. At the base of the hill, visitors enjoy music, hot chocolate and wine.

Throughout the ski season, you can enjoy parades, music and dance festivals, tournaments, etc.. carried out in the valley, thus entertaining the pioneers of Chapelco, with declines of torches and fireworks and other activities.
The reason for the party is to keep alive the customs and traditions of the first settlers of the place doing games and activities that engage the entire family. is the main event of the city.