San Martin de los Andes

Weather in San Martin de los andes

The strong geographical differences between the steppe and the Andes are the cause of these strong climatic differences from east to west that determine the forest to the west and the steppe to the east. While the climate is temperate-cold mountains, moderated by the influence of the Pacific Ocean, the Patagonian steppe is cold, with temperatures down to -15 ° C in winter. In summer ranges between 9 and 25 ° C (mean values​​) and in winter 1-8 ° C, with temperatures below 0 ° C.


Cold days with snowfalls in the surrounding mountains, which do not affect vehicular traffic in the town. Daytime temperatures between 1 and 10 ° C.


Continue the cool days and cold nights, the days begin to lengthen and temperatures rise gradually to reach the end of the season records between 7 and 20 ° C during the day.


Los días son cálidos, muy soleados y con noches frescas. La temperatura oscila durante el día entre los 9 y 27 °C, permitiendo disfrutar plenamente de actividades al aire libre incluidas las de playa en los espejos lacustres. Escasos vientos predominantes del sudoeste y escasos días de lluvias. Por su latitud, la luz diurna se prolonga en verano hasta cerca de las 22.00.


The days are cool-temperate with cold nights, the temperature during the day between 4 and 13 ° C. This season has the highest amount of rainfall, low current usually at night and under certain conditions as snow.


In San Martin de los Andes, the rainy season ranges from March to December, with a dry season in summer.
The precipitation is around 1,500 mm annually. The gradient runs from the west to 4,000 mm annually, to the east, with about 600 mm in the steppe. This is because downloading rains in the mountains. Precipitation is like rain in autumn and spring, and can be as snow in the winter, depending on the height.
1º C
10º C
7º C
20º C
9º C
27º C
4º C
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