San Martin de los Andes
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By car:
From Buenos Aires, on National Routes 5, 35, 153, 143, Provincial 20 (La Pampa), National 151, 22, 237 and 234.

From Neuquén Capital by National Routes 22, 237 and 234. You will have a distance of 435 km passing by Villa El Chocón, Piedra del Aguila and Alicura or by the National Highway 22 from Neuquén to Zapala through Cutral Co and Plaza Huincul, where you will take the Route 40 crossing to La Rinconada Aluminé river and entering Route Nac.234 to Junin and San Martin de los Andes.

From San Carlos de Bariloche, you have three options, which are: Route 237 and 234, with a travel distance of 250 km of paved.
Or the 7 lakes route, passing through all the lakes that make up the corridor and part of the route under construction, it already paved around two thirds.
Finally through the Paso de Córdoba, reaching him on Route 237 from the junction, thence crossing the bridge over the top of the dam, you will take the Provincial Route 63 to its junction with Route 234 to the height of Beautiful river.

By plane:
Flyer arriving at Carlos Campos (Chapelco), 20 km

Distancias desde San Martín de los Andes a:
Buenos Aires
1650 Km.
Bahia Blanca
1092 Km.
Bariloche (por Paso del Cordoba)
158 Km.
Bariloche (por siete lagos)
190 Km.
Bariloche (por Rinconada)
260 Km.
El Bolsón
280 Km.
El Calafate
1476 Km.
Esquel (Ruta 40)
460 Km.
Las Grutas
870 Km.
666 Km.
Piedra del Aguila
110 Km.
242 Km.
Puerto Varas
569 Km.
Puerto Montt
884 Km.
286 Km.
590 Km.
217 Km.
Villa la Angostura
103 Km.
Villa Traful
80 Km.
432 Km.
243 Km.
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