San Martin de los Andes
San Martin de los Andes
Where I can I stay? What are the rates?
San Martin de los Andes offers a modern and diverse range of accommodation aimed at different audiences. Families, young adventurers, couples, groups, or individuals with disabilities are options in different kinds of establishments.

What's circuits to perform in San Martin de los Andes?
The wonderful natural environment that characterizes the city of San Martin de los Andes offers a range of possibilities for amazement. Lakes, rivers, forests and mountains are waiting to be discovered.

What is the forecast for the coming days? What state and are the routes?
Basic information needed on state routes and weather before leaving for San Martin de los Andes. To avoid any unforeseen at the time of scheduling your vacation.

In summer, it is very cold at night?
During the summer season shows a wide temperature range between day and night. Note that, especially in January, daytime temperatures can exceed 30 ° C, descending at dusk? When the sun goes down and increases the wind to come at night to the 12 th or 10 º C, and even colder even at dawn. The suggestion in this regard is always bring enough warm clothes: a waterproof jacket windproof, good intermediate polar type shelter, and clothing that could be used in? Layers? (Like onions) will guarantee freedom from the vagaries of changing climate cordillerano.

San Martin de los Andes
Are there any dangerous animals?
Being a cold climate, the region will not find snakes, except for a small, harmless snake. Neither insects, only flies, mosquitoes and sometimes exceptional. Much less intimidating size spiders. Certainly there are pumas, but never come close to the towns, in winter the suffering residents of rural areas, because often attack the sheep, while, on the other hand, the advantage for a visit foxes to roost, but not worry that never run into any of them. Boars also say this in urban areas, and deer are harmless unless they commit the unfortunate mistake of crossing on the route, something that can happen so we suggest caution and respecting handle signals about

It snows a lot in winter??
In recent years, the regime has shown a decline snowfall over half a century ago. The global warming of the atmosphere, and heat radiation generated by the geometric urban growth in the region, conspire to snowfall in the center of the city are not as prevalent as in previous winters. However, in the mountains and especially in Chapelco, favored by its altitude of over two thousand meters, the snows are a constant, sometimes reaching one meter high at the base of the complex (1200 masl) and exceeding three meters in height in the sector, ensuring the full realization of the potential of the main winter resort in the province of Neuquén. Considering, moreover, that most of the access roads to Lanin National Park are gravel, thoroughness Patagonian winter causes a decrease in the accessibility to all the tourists, many of which are restricted in winter.

San Martin de los Andes
Is it very expensive San Martin de los Andes?
Prices in the region are a big deal in itself. Note that, for reasons of cost, distance and seasonality, compared with metropolitan San Martin de los Andes can not be considered cheap. Ignorance of such evidence has generated a misconception city? Elitist?, Which are not covered at all the wide and varied range of services offered. You can stay in a budget hostel or choose from a full range of upscale accommodations. Also, have food options ranging from buying your food in a supermarket, deli, or sit comfortably, with good music and careful attention, in a regional food restaurant.

What I can see in the city?
We suggest visiting the Museum of the First Settlers, the Municipal Exhibition Hall and also make an interesting City Tour on a London bus. You can also tour the city seeing the first buildings that are part of our circuit sheet.

What I can do on a rainy day?
You can visit the Museum of the First Settlers, the Municipal Exhibition Hall and also make an interesting city tour on a London bus. Also suggest short trips, such as to the viewpoints, and especially to the teahouse Arrayán.

What are the closest border crossing?
Steps Hua Hum, Mamuil Malal (ex Tromen), Cardenal Samore and Carirriñe are closest to our town. It should be noted that the passage Carirriñe during most of the year is in poor condition.

What I can visit places Mapuche Community?
Nearest places of the city are: the place in the Mirador Trompul Bandurrias, and Mountain Villa Quina Quina.

What activities are there for the kids?
In our city you can take a guided tour to the Fish Trap. There is also a cinema and a player. In winter there are activities for children in the Chapelco, usually in summer and provide street performances and children's theater.

Where I can eat regional dishes?
In most of the restaurants in the area serve regional dishes so you can access a wide variety of places to eat. Among them will be able degustra smoked venison, boar and trout.

What are places to go out at night?
(Pubs, disco, etc..) San Jose Theater, Film Amancay, Amankay Cultural Center, Casino Magic Pubs and confectionery as: El Lokal, El Moro, Down Town Matias, Xperience, 5 Senses, Dublin, Wine bar in Paihuen.

Where I can buy locally produced handicrafts / Mapuche?
In our city can acquire these crafts in the Craft Local Neuquinas and also houses regional sale. On the outskirts of the city you can buy directly from producers or Mapuche artisans, who are in the communities (Spot Trompul, Quila Quina, Huechulafquen, etc)