San Martin de los Andes
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Requirements for crossing the border

Personal documentation

  • Or naturalized Argentine: national identity (ID)
  • Other nationalities: passport, visa subject to international agreements with the country of origin.
  • If traveling minors must be accompanied by their parents, presenting these marriage certificate or a duly authenticated copy of the birth certificate. If you travel only one parent, must present a notarized authorization of the spouse. If a minor is traveling without their parents, must have a notarized authorization from both to cross the border.

Vehicle documentation

  • Green Card holder's name.
  • Should not be a starter, notarized authorization from the owner.
  • For vehicles Argentine legislation determines the compulsory automobile patent engraving in crystals.
  • Valid driver license.
  • To move within the Argentina is mandatory proof of insurance covering the liability of the owner or driver of land vehicles (private or rental) that international travelers are not registered in the country of entry, for damage caused to individuals or transported things.
  • In Chilean territory to cover damages to third parties, you should hire a strong named? International Liability for Light Vehicles?. This insurance, mandatory, must be presented at customs when crossing any neighboring country.

Motor vehicle policies can be extended by paying additional premiums to cover the damage to the vehicle insured abroad.


When entering Argentina can not bring:

  • No type of merchandise commercial or industrial purposes.
  • Firearms, unless authorized by the RENAR (National Register of Arms).
  • Explosives, flammable or narcotics.
  • Merchandise imports prohibited for noneconomic reasons (health, safety) such as seeds, meat or animal food or vegetable.

Luggage and franchises

Upon entering the Argentina remember you can bring as accompanied baggage without paying any tariffs:

  • Clothes and personal items.
  • Books, pamphlets and newspapers.
  • Other items that have no commercial purpose, of any origin, up to a limit of $ 150 per passenger s (u$s 75 to under 16 years). This franchise can only be used once per month.
  • Merchandise purchased in the? Free shop? arrival, with additional franchise u$s 300 per passenger.
  • When these franchises excess tax must be paid a fee equal to 50% of total exceeded. The unaccompanied baggage has not franchise.

Ingress / egress of values

Passengers and crew members entering the Argentine territory must state (in the Customs Declaration Form-Entry Securities) with income over $ s 10,000 (TEN THOUSAND U.S. DOLLARS) or its equivalent in legal currency of the Republic Argentina , or in any foreign currency, cash or monetary instruments (any means of payment, including checks and traveler's checks).
It prohibits the export of foreign currency notes and coins, precious metals, for amounts exceeding the $ s 10,000 (TEN THOUSAND U.S. DOLLARS) or its equivalent in other currencies, unless made through Financial and Exchange with the respective authorizations.
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